Thursday, March 08, 2012


I didn't know what to do tonight. So I watched Super size vs. Super skinny. A You Tuber downloaded the show from England.I'm embarrassed to admit how much I love it. It's about binging, diets, restricting calories, BMIs and weight loss. All of my addictions rolled into one hour.

My doctor made me mad today. Whatever. At the end of our session, she asked, "You don 't think of yourself as thin?" NO ! I DON'T. Even if I DID, I'd still struggle with eating and distorted body image. I thought the answer was clear. She's the "specialist." I wanted to say, "Do YOU think of yourself as thin?" She would have said, "Yes, I AM thin." and then turned the floor back to me.
I'm pretty sure even my doctor has "fat" days.  

If I thought of myself as "thin," my life would be exactly the same.

So, why do I care so much about being thin? 

- OCG 

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