Monday, April 23, 2012

Half of a brownie....

I LOVE having coffee with my friends, but why must they order a brownie and split it for us to share?!? I love brownies. They are gooey, rich, chocolatey, sweet, small versions of chocolate cake. The thing is, I don't like feeling obligated to say yes when they ask if I want to share one. I am in charge of what I eat. I can say no. Why is it so hard? How do I know if actually want a brownie? Who wouldn't want one? Why do I have to think so much about eating half a brownie? I LOVE having coffee with my friends. Brownies??? Maybe...Sometimes.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Get me off this ride...

Right now I'm visiting the Observer. He's on the toilet. I'm really sad tonight. I left my parents' house and won't return until next weekend. I miss them already. I'm such a baby sometimes. I need to grow up. Today I ate like a horse. My intake included: cereal w. berries, milk, rice chips, a pita w. chicken, a cupcake, strawberries, Minni Eggs, potato soup and pizza. Whoa! I didn't really sleep last night. Lack of sleep makes me EAT. I don't really trust myself to go home and not restrict. I need my parents' unconditional support. I have the Observer and he's pretty great.

On the upside, I got to see my nephew Cole. He has croup. Poor little dude. I gave him lots of kisses. My brother is sick too. Hopefully they feel better. My Dad captured my feelings perfectly. He said, "Life's a ride and I want to get off." I do - but just tonight.

- OCG   

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fiance and fiancee...

 Q. What is the difference between "fiance" and "fiancee?"

A. If a female is referring to a male, then it is spelled fiance. If a man is referring to a woman, she is referred to as fiancee. They are both pronounced the same.

Weren't you always wondering this....or maybe it's only me???


Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Food Bank...

I peed on the floor of my therapist's office today. In case you don't know, I cannot walk. I need help getting to the toilet. Outside of my apartment, there is no help. If I have to pee, I have to hold it. Well, I couldn't hold it and you know what happened next. I was embarrassed. My therapist said nothing. Maybe next week, she will. I had a third coffee at lunch, which was a bad idea. Peeing my pants sucks. The person who cleaned me up was OK. What if I still smell?

On my taxi trip to meet the Observer yesterday, we stopped at a food bank to pick up a passenger. The Food Bank happened inside a shady-looking church. The people coming in and out looked rough. Some had no teeth. Some had mismatched clothes. Some had a bewildered look in their eyes. I saw an old man with cans in his pockets who could barely walk. I wanted to cry. Food. Food. Food. We need it.  I think about food a LOT.  I have enough. If I want food, I buy it. I'm uncomfortable with my own relationship with food. We have this love/hate connection. All I can really say is the trip to the Food Bank made me think....and feel grateful for the dinner I ate later on.


Saturday, April 07, 2012

I'm grateful for....

* Having a sweet Good Friday with the Observer

* Poached salmon on spinach salad from Hot House Cafe

* Titanic in 3D

* Celebrating seven years with the Observer

* My Dad taking me to have a medical test

* The test being negative

* The beautiful weather we have today

* The cute guy at the bank who asked if I was meeting the Observer

* The bunny I saw hopping in the backyard at my parents' house

* Seeing Riley, my parents' dog

* Celebrating Easter at Joe and Gisa's (The Observer's brother and sister-in-law's) house tomorrow

* That spring is coming soon

* Maple biscotti cookies from Second Cup

* My family

 Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, April 05, 2012

Mary & Max - the movie!

Tonight I watched Mary And Max on Netflix. I LOVED this movie! It's funny, serious and sweet. I cried. I love animated films from England. The last one I saw before tonight was Arthur Christmas.  It was entertaining too! Arthur made The Observer cry, but that's easy to do....

In Mary And Max, there's a part where (young) Mary is telling Max about her neighbour. She says, "He's scared of outside, which is a disease called homophobia."

That line is STILL making me smile!

Happy (almost) Good Friday!