Sunday, April 15, 2012

Get me off this ride...

Right now I'm visiting the Observer. He's on the toilet. I'm really sad tonight. I left my parents' house and won't return until next weekend. I miss them already. I'm such a baby sometimes. I need to grow up. Today I ate like a horse. My intake included: cereal w. berries, milk, rice chips, a pita w. chicken, a cupcake, strawberries, Minni Eggs, potato soup and pizza. Whoa! I didn't really sleep last night. Lack of sleep makes me EAT. I don't really trust myself to go home and not restrict. I need my parents' unconditional support. I have the Observer and he's pretty great.

On the upside, I got to see my nephew Cole. He has croup. Poor little dude. I gave him lots of kisses. My brother is sick too. Hopefully they feel better. My Dad captured my feelings perfectly. He said, "Life's a ride and I want to get off." I do - but just tonight.

- OCG   

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love you always........ SO Embarassed you said I was on the toile.