Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day cake....

This past weekend was fun and sweet. The Observer called it "fam jammed." I would agree. We hung out with the Observer's family on Saturday. I enjoyed seeing Diya and Poalo. The Observer's mom helped me out with a personal care emergency. Bless her heart. She saved me from bladder explosion. 

The next day we celebrated father's day with my family. We visited my grandparents. Grandma bought grandpa a delicious ice cream cake. It's been a long time since Grandpa's has said a full sentence. When Grandma asked him, "Would you like more cake?" He said, "Yes, I'll have more." We were shocked and so happy. I couldn't stop laughing. Grandpa has always had a sweet tooth. If anything can get him to speak, it's cake!


- OCG  

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