Friday, July 27, 2012

A fun week...

My apartment is getting re-painted right now. Coleen (my dad's friend and co-worker) is doing the job. I'm excited! The bedroom is first. It's a different shade of blue.

The past week was busy. It was the Observer's parents' 40th wedding anniversary. Joe and Gisa (The Observer's brother and his wife) had a surprise BBQ. Close family and old friends came. I tried a pulled pork sandwich which was yummy. Pulled pork seems to be the sandwich of the summer. The Observer's niece hung a sign with 40 rings on it to symbolize each year of her grandparents marriage. Diya is such a thoughtful girl.

On Monday we went to the Coldplay concert. What a great evening and show! Before the concert we had dinner at Hot House Cafe. I had salmon on spinach salad and garlic crostini. The Observer had anti-pasto, sausage penne and we shared chocolate cake. Everything was delicious! Emeli Sande and Marina And The Diamonds opened. I enjoyed Emeli Sande singing Next To Me. We wore wristbands that lit the venue up! Near the end, the band switched spots and performed from the middle of the audience. I got so excited I peed my pants, but it was worth it!

My aunt Cheryl is having treatment for cancer at Princess Margaret Hospital. She staying at the Hospital Lodge just a block from my apartment. Dad and I took her out to dinner at Cafe California on Church Street. She's understandably lonely, but seems to be in good spirits. My aunt is reading Melissa Fung's Under An Afghan Sky. The book is about the author being held captive in a hole for a month. I read the same book and saw Melissa Fung speak at the library. Her story moved me. Ms. Fung's ordeal showed me that, if you can live in a hole, you can live through anything. Maybe my aunt needs the encouragement and escapism from her own fight to survive. Our dinner made my Tuesday a good one.

My friend Danielle came by for a mid-week coffee. We went to Timothy's. She came over afterwards and waited for the rain to slow. There is a pretty purple plant on my table from Danielle. I'm enjoying it. Drinking my water last night, I dumped a bit into the plant. The flowers looked thirsty! I went to my Thursday appointment yesterday. Our session was hard. All the eating out has been rough. I'm heavier and it bothers me, but it always does. On my way home, a lady walking beside me stopped and offered a homeless man sushi. He gratefully accepted. The whole exchange made me smile. The man must have a diverse palette. People are kind.

Enjoy your last weekend in July!


Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm grateful for...

* my mom's classy sense of style
* my new blue and white stripped sun-dress
* jalapeno and cheddar Combos
* the ability to sleep at my parents' house
* rhubarb loaf
* The Observer''s parents' 40th wedding anniversary BBQ
* pulled pork sandwiches
* my dad for being my dad
* cheesecake mousse tarts
* the Coldplay concert tomorrow

Cheers to a new week!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Right now (and last week)

Tonight I'm tired and a bit hungry. Last  Friday we saw Spider-man!. I enjoyed it. I know The Observer did too. On Sunday I took the subway home and saw my nephew Cole. We played Hide And Seek and ate grapes. Fun times! My new purple framed glasses don't fit well, so I'm exchanging them. I cannot suffer for four years until my insurance will pay for a new pair. Glasses are my favourite fashion accessory. They have to fit right. 

I had blood work and my cholesterol is higher than ever. My therapist says it's probably from restricting and weight loss. Maybe she's right. My cholesterol did normalize when I have gained weight before. Unlike the past, I'm still eating salad dressing and cheese. Every time I am struggling with weight loss, cholesterol rises and bites me in the arse. I'm not too stressed. A girl's got to eat.

I just got back from a trip for Trident Layers gum. I love the green apple kind!

 What else is new? Well, I am a Tweeting machine now! Check me out at: twitter

Happy summer!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

I'm grateful for....

* My mom being my mom

* A new day

* The NEW Spiderman movie

* Cole saying "See you soon" on the phone this morning

* vegan pizza

* sunshine


Monday, July 02, 2012


I'm going to back-track a bit from last week. We saw The Vow. I loved that movie! I went to the doctor for a requisition for blood work. I was nervous to discuss weight, but he was very chill. I am getting blood work done soon. Ironically, I got my period the day after seeing my doctor. It wasn't normal, but at least it came. On Tuesday I saw Conrad Black speak at the library. He walked right next to me into the library. He's arrogant and guilty of everything he was charged with. Wednesday was relaxed. Thursday was my usual appointment. My doctor was pleased with my progress. Weight gain messes with my head. Actually any weight change does. After our session, I met the Observer at the mall. I drank coffee before leaving my appointment and ended up in a big mess. Thankfully I got kind help. 

We visited with my friend Christina at the mall on Friday. It was short and sweet. She liked her long overdue birthday gift. I'm glad. I gave her a HUGE mug, toasted coconut, fudge brownie coffee and a coffee card. The woman loves coffee as much as I do. It's our shared bond.

On Saturday, my brother and his wife hosted a BBQ for her family and ours. Though it was hot, I enjoyed it. We had sparklers and fireworks. Skylar sat on my lap and watched some. I was sad the Observer missed the fireworks, but at least he was there for the afternoon. I was hoping my sister-in-law would announce she is is expecting, but no such luck. Hopefully soon. My sister looks uncomfortable. She has about five weeks to go. I'm guessing my sister is having a boy. I'll be thrilled no matter what.

Yesterday I slept in, read People and ate too much. I visited my grandparents with Mom and Dad. Grandma put out cherries and pineapple which made the perfect snack. I LOVE cherries! Grandpa smiled at me, so made my day. I was having a "good hair day" if I do say so. For dinner Mom made pasta with shrimp. It was okay, but the blueberry pie for dessert was better. Being home was relaxing. After leaving I met the Observer at Tim Hortons. It was short but a kiss made it worth it.

We saw the new movie Ted today. It was funny and silly. It's about a talking teddy bear, so silliness is expected. We went with our friends John And Danielle. It's a holiday Monday. Canada Day was officially yesterday, but celebrations have been ongoing since Friday. Good Times....

Well, tomorrow I am getting weighed. The number is up. I am going to be fine....Life happens no matter what size I might be tomorrow or the next day.

I'm late, but Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!