Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Right now (and last week)

Tonight I'm tired and a bit hungry. Last  Friday we saw Spider-man!. I enjoyed it. I know The Observer did too. On Sunday I took the subway home and saw my nephew Cole. We played Hide And Seek and ate grapes. Fun times! My new purple framed glasses don't fit well, so I'm exchanging them. I cannot suffer for four years until my insurance will pay for a new pair. Glasses are my favourite fashion accessory. They have to fit right. 

I had blood work and my cholesterol is higher than ever. My therapist says it's probably from restricting and weight loss. Maybe she's right. My cholesterol did normalize when I have gained weight before. Unlike the past, I'm still eating salad dressing and cheese. Every time I am struggling with weight loss, cholesterol rises and bites me in the arse. I'm not too stressed. A girl's got to eat.

I just got back from a trip for Trident Layers gum. I love the green apple kind!

 What else is new? Well, I am a Tweeting machine now! Check me out at: twitter

Happy summer!



Lurker said...

Oops I think you mean Spider-man;). Superman is not out quite yet, but I hear they are doing a nice reboot for it as well. I'm hoping it'll be as good as the Batman movies (from Christopher Nolan). I'm going to see the 3rd installment with my niece this Friday looking forward to it!. Been a while since I've wanted to go see a movie I actually like. Congrats on joining twitter I finally crumbled and joined myself last year you can follow me @lucefan. ;). Hope your week is going well. :)

OCG said...

You're right! I meant Spider-man! There are too many "man" movies! Thanks!

Enjoy Batman with your niece! Hope you're having a great summer!