Monday, September 10, 2012

A lot of sweetness....

I had a great weekend. I went to women's group on Friday and watched My Week With Marilyn. I've seen the move before but still enjoyed it. I asked for more dessert when no one else did. I was embarrassed, I've been so hungry lately. What's up with this body? Later I stopped off for prickly pear tea. It was disappointing but warmed me up. I ran into a former friend and we made awkward small talk...

The next day Dad came over. Everything had to be moved for the painter. Now, with freshly painted walls,  it was time to put my belongings back into place. We had a short visit. For months now, I've been agonizing over thinking I accidentally threw out a friend's CDs. I even e-mailed my friend and apologized for not being able to find her CDs. While moving things, my Dad found them. I was so happy I almost cried!  

After saying goodby to Dad, I took the subway to the bus station. From there, I got another ride to visit the Observer at his apartment. We ate dinner and someone we encountered made a stupid triggering comment. I'm ashamed to say how much it affected me. Whatever. I've never been fat and never plan to be. If I do get fat, all that will change is my clothing size. Life will go on. I watched Sex In The 2 at my parents' that night. The movie wasn't any different for the first one or the show. It was light but oddly comforting - kind of like Disney movies.

On Sunday morning, Mom made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I even had syrup with them. They were so yummy. Later, the Observer and I met his parents at an Italian festival downtown. We stopped at a Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe for coffees, sandwiches and desserts. I had a delicious canolli. We saw accordion players and dancers. It was fun. Before heading home, we went to the same cafe for ice cream. I had the best chocolate gelato of my life. There was not much room in my schedule or tummy for fruit and vegetables that day. Amazingly, I didn't care. Food isn't everything, but it can be a part of having fun.

I'm so tired tonight. Summer is ending. I'm excited to see the leaves change. Watching leaves change colour always gives me hope. I can change too.


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