Saturday, October 20, 2012

A year from now....

Tonight it's raining. I can hear the raindrops hitting the windowpane. The cars are swooshing by on the slick, wet roads.

I spent the day chilling. The morning started with a chocolate banana Vitatop and a coffee. I went to Timothys and had a Belgian Chocolate coffee. I bought peanut butter and cookies and cream cupcakes for my Dad. Lunch was a pumpernickel bagel. Dad came and painted my bathroom tiles. We went to Loblaws and shared potato bread for dinner. He told me I loved healthy. My brain says "fat" but whatever. It's been a day filled with bread and sweets, but no gum, which is refreshing.

I called off an engagement party. I know The Observer's Mom is hurt. She only wants the best for her son and myself. In my heart though, I didn't feel it was necessary. I don't want anything to minimize our wedding day.

Exactly a year from today, the Observer and I will be married. If it's rainy just like it is now, I'll still be the happiest girl in the world.


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