Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall leaves and treats...

I'm tired and my stomach hurts. On the upside, it's fall and I love this time of year! The leaves crunching and changing colours make me hopeful.  Tonight I went to a meeting. It was kind of boring, but going made me feel productive. I'm on the Tobias House Board of Directors. Tobias House is the organization that provides my help with physical tasks I cannot do independently. Shockingly, I ate a veal sandwich. I haven't had veal in ages. It was yummy. We had a rainy bout here, but today was clear. 

I keep thinking about butternut squash soup and pumpkin cheesecake.  Food, food, food, get OUT of my head! My doctor says I wouldn't be so obsessed with fall treats if I were properly nourished.....I know that.

I am excited to be turning 30 in six days. I feel lucky - not old.


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