Thursday, November 22, 2012

The days of our lives....

My Dad told my Mom that "Lately, all of our family events feel like the soap opera Days Of Our Lives". I laughed. Dad is right. We have had a broken engagement, marital troubles and cheating. It's all very dramatic.

Today was beautiful weather. It was sunny and warm. The trip to my Thursday appointment was pleasant. I bought myself a coffee on the way home. It's been a four coffee week for me. That's splurging. My two little Christmas trees were assembled on Tuesday. They make my apartment feel cozy. I can't wait for the new blinds to be fully put up! Dad fixed my printer. I'm such a lucky daughter.

I'm reading Dear Life by Alice Munro. So far, it's intriguing. I saw Andrew Solomon and Lloyd Robertson at the library this week. They were both interesting conversations. Andrew Solomon said, "In getting rid of the dragons, we risk getting rid of the heroes too."

So,with this idea of opposites in mind, since there has been so much drama in my family, does that mean peace will follow soon? I hope so.

- OCG  

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