Thursday, November 29, 2012


I had my usual Thursday appointment today. My doctor was very pleased about me getting my monthly "friend" back, my eating, and general mindset. She suggested reducing our sessions. Say WHAT?!?! This is exciting! I am inching closer to being recovered!!! It's a bit MANY Thursdays talking and thinking about food. What am I going to do with my craaaazy head?

There is extra "junk" in my trunk, my clothes are tighter and I wish I were skinnier. That never changes and it probably never will. Anorexia sucks. 

Here's the thing: I HAVE to be olay with my body. I want to keep my friends and maybe find someone to kiss one day.  If I'm too small, my life gets really small too.

I am the one who is in control here. Yes, my arse is big, my face is round and my bully bulges, but I am me and I am okay.

- OCG   

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