Thursday, December 13, 2012

A BIG much....

If we tell my two-year-old niece Skylar that "We love you {her} very much" she says, "A BIG much!" My Mom texted me today and said, "We love you very much - A BIG much!" Her text made me smile.  Yesterday I brought cupcakes home for my parents and Cole. He wanted to lick the icing off of every cupcake. He chose a blue cupcake with white sprinkles - very Cole. I tried half a lemon and a red velvet cupcake. They are DELICIOUS! I do prefer a large piece of cake though. The cupcakes got a bit squished but oh well. They are so worth it! Earlier yesterday, I had a sweet chat with my hairdresser while she did my highlights. She's so kind and skilled. I have to say that my hair looks good.

This afternoon I went to my Thursday appointment. As always, our session reaffirmed that I'm doing well. There was a beautiful orchid in my doctor's office. I told my doctor I liked the flower and she agreed. She confessed to buying a grown-your-own Amarillus kit and said the flower never grew. When my sister moved to her first house in Mimico, I bought her an Amerillus. She loved that flower. I was just telling Dad how I'd like to buy my sister a flower to say thank you for the picture and microwave she gave me. He suggested an Amerillius. Maybe my doctor mentioning that flower was a sign that I should buy one for my sister. On the way home, a group of teenagers was blocking the sidewalk. Realizing they were inconveniencing me, a teenage girl said, "Sorry Home-girl." Lots of people have called me lots of names but never "Home-girl"

A little while ago, I went Starbucks with a friend. Before coming home, we checked out a massive gingerbread house at Loblaws. I told her how I was shopping last Sunday when Santa yelled from inside the gingerbread house, "Hey! Hey lady! How fast does your wheelchair go?" Oh Santa! My friend got a new job and we each celebrated with a raspberry chocolate cake pop. I liked it very much - a BIG much!   


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