Monday, December 03, 2012

Cicles of kindness....

Tonight I got the sweetest surprise. There was a Christmas card and a Starbucks gift card in my mailbox from Des. She said, (she) "is glad we're friends and that it's her favorite part of moving downtown." I love Des.

Yesterday subway service was shut down from Dundas West to Kipling. I didn't know that until I was on my way to Kipling. I got off at Keele, saw a TTC employee, was told to get back on the subway and go to Dundas West. There, a Wheel-trans bus was waiting to take me straight to Kipling. That's pretty sweet service. I spent the day with my parents reading, eating and watching cheesy Christmas movies. 

Tomorrow I get weighed and I know it's WAY up. Being this big BEFORE Christmas makes me nervous. Why did I decide to eat differently? I'm uncomfortable in my skin, but I am no matter what I weigh. Anorexia sucks. Sidenote: sugar plum tea from Celestial Seasons sucks too. It's too sweet. I tried to buy gingerbread tea from Celestial Seasons but my grocery store was sold out. I believe this would be a #firstworldproblem.

Deep down, I am trying to heal. The only way to heal is to be kind to myself. If I'm kind to myself, I'll be kinder to the people who are being so kind to me. Kindness runs in a circle.

Be kind.

- OCG   

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