Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Turn Around....

This song makes me happy. Well, 2013 has started out calmly. There hasn't been any drama. I've been reading biographies, volunteering, having coffee with friends, buying bread, cupcakes, Fresca, Diet Coke with Lime, visiting home and living. The last four books I read were Worth Fighting For  by Lisa Niemi, The Art Of Men by Kirstie Alley, Heartburn by Nora Ephron, and Prairie Girl by Melissa Gilbert. My favourite was Heartburn. I didn't know Norah Ephron personally, but I will miss her work. She was smart, funny and real.

I had my four favourite ladies in the world visit today - my Mom, my sister and two nieces Hannah and Skylar. We had burritos for lunch and shared cupcakes. Skylar enjoyed her bubblegum cupcake with a gummy bears, lots of sprinkles and pink icing. Hannah is so squirmy and smiley.       

This afternoon my plan was to do an online provincial disability policy quiz for my volunteer work but I misread the instructions and it had to be done around noon. I'm nervous. What if I lose my position? It's unlikely, but I still worry.

I find out my weight tomorrow. I feel like I'm at my heaviest again. It's unlikely but I still worry.


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