Monday, January 14, 2013

You never know....but you do.

Rachel lives in my apartment building. I have known Rachel since I was nine years old. We grew up in the same city and are friendly acquaintances. It has been a while since we've crossed paths. The last time we were on a bus together was around Christmas time. We were in the company of another very gossipy acquaintance. Rachel made the the comment that "I must be getting excited for my wedding." I quickly answered "Yes" and changed the subject. I didn't want my business spread on a public bus, which knowing the gossipy lady also aboard, could be the whole city eventually. 

Today Rachel asked how my former fiance was. I finally told her that we are no longer engaged. She was sorry. 

After filling her in on the family issues we had, Rachel said, "A man who cannot stand up for his wife is no man at all."

Agreeing, I joked, "See I should marry you!" 

Rachel told me she doesn't swing that way. I told her that "My life has been filled with changes, but perhaps changing my sexual orientation would be too drastic" We both laughed.

"You never know" said a man who was walking out the door and overheard our conversation.

Some people just cannot keep their thoughts to themselves.


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