Sunday, February 24, 2013

Life as it moves....

Life is moving along. I'm doing OK. I just want to poop. Come on body! Don't let me down. 

I've been reading a ton. I read the Micheal Bubble biography On Stage Off Stage, Hallucinations by Oliver Sacs, The Painted Girls by By Cathy Marie Buchanan. Now I'm reading Schroder by Aminty Gaige. Schroder will be my favourite read. 

Last week I watched Young Adult and Friends With Benefits.Young Adult disturbed me. The flash mob scenes in Friends With Benefits made me smile.

It's snowing out and very pretty. I bought hot cross buns for my parents from Ace Bakery and am taking them to round two of my sister's birthday.

I saw Des last night. It was fun. I drank two herbal teas. Whoa! That's wild for me!

I read this quote this morning: Talk is sliver but silence is golden.

Happy Oscar Sunday!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm grateful for....

* My Mom and Dad for driving in the snowstorm to pick me up when I got sick
* Being able to spend Saturday in my pajamas watching The Notebook, The Prince and Me and Hockey Night In Canada with Mom and Dad
*Eating perogies and peanut butter Oreos with Cole
* Burirtoes from Burrito Boys close to Sylwia's building
* Seeing Cole And Skylar watch Mike The Knight together
* Pumpkin pancakes and Rainbow Bit cake
* The movie Sleepless In Seatle
* Having whole sitcom series on DVD
* TTC for always coming through


Sunday, February 03, 2013

For the record....

Something broke inside me when I heard this song. Some moments I am so sad. The magnitude of my loss feels like it's going to crush my heart. I can't breath. How is it possible to lose my best friend in the world? 

Sometimes I feel like calling and saying, "You won't believe what happened to me."

There would be a response like, "That's awful my love. I love you no matter what." I would be hugged and everything would be better. That's how it always went.

Now the one person who made everything better hurt me in the worst way. It can never be made better. It's like I was an egg. Insults cracked me right through the middle.  The damage is irreversible. Our history is tainted.

Was I ever really loved? I loved with all of my heart. Maybe that's most important. I have to believe that something bigger is ahead. We only get one life. I cannot be angry and sad forever.

No man loves me like my Dad and, for now, he is enough.