Sunday, February 24, 2013

Life as it moves....

Life is moving along. I'm doing OK. I just want to poop. Come on body! Don't let me down. 

I've been reading a ton. I read the Micheal Bubble biography On Stage Off Stage, Hallucinations by Oliver Sacs, The Painted Girls by By Cathy Marie Buchanan. Now I'm reading Schroder by Aminty Gaige. Schroder will be my favourite read. 

Last week I watched Young Adult and Friends With Benefits.Young Adult disturbed me. The flash mob scenes in Friends With Benefits made me smile.

It's snowing out and very pretty. I bought hot cross buns for my parents from Ace Bakery and am taking them to round two of my sister's birthday.

I saw Des last night. It was fun. I drank two herbal teas. Whoa! That's wild for me!

I read this quote this morning: Talk is sliver but silence is golden.

Happy Oscar Sunday!


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good luck on ur mission to poop