Saturday, March 30, 2013

Breakfast And Moon....

It calms me down right away, the quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there, not with those kind men in their nice suits, and that lovely smell of silver and alligator wallets. If I could find a real-life place that made me feel like Tiffany's, then I'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name.”
 ― Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany's

For a while, I've wanted to see Breakfast At Tiffany's. I really enjoyed the film. It's an old style chick flick but with some deep messages about love, being unique and class.

I finished reading The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat by Oliver Sacks. (I just learned that there's a "k" in Sacks). It was a bit too essay- like to be really entertaining. The book showed me that even people who have trouble communicating have valuable contributions to offer the world. Now I'm reading Inheritance by Indira Ganesan.

I saw my closest friends this week. On Tuesday, my friend Christina and I met at Union Station. Oh the pastry I ate that day! I'm stilling dreaming about it! On Wednesday I had a board meeting. I ate this turkey and cheese sandwich slathered with butter or mayo. Oh well, I ate. The next day April came for a visit and Starbucks. She brought me a beautiful flower arrangement that is sitting in an Easter basket. I love April. This morning an attendant asked if the flowers and basket were for Skylar. No way! They are mine. Yesterday Des and I had coffee at Timothy's. The place was packed, but Good Friday was good.

These lyrics from Moon River make me happy:

(Moon river, wider than a mile)
(I'm crossin' you in style some day)
Oh dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you're going, I'm going your way


Hoppy Easter!

- OCG 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Today I ate a pastry today called a Zeppola. It's one dessert that I didn't expect to eat again.  Life is full of sweet surprises! Zeppolli are Italian tarts/cream puffs eaten to celebrate St. Joseph's Day on March 19. They are yummy! This afternoon I met my good friend Christina at Union Station. She brought one for each of us. I ate mine first. The custard filling in the middle was my favourite part and the cherry on top was second. I loved every bite! Thank you, my friend, for the company, conversation, coffee and time you gave me. You are sweeter than the dark cherry on top of a Zeppola.

- OCG 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Good for the soul...

It's been a good weekend. At my women's group on Friday, we watched Vera Drake, an old English movie on abortion. It was intense and made me uncomfortable. It's impossible to say for sure, but I think that,  if I were to get pregnant, I'd probably have a baby, not an abortion. Chris O'Dwod from Bridesmaids had a small part in Vera Drake. I love him but why couldn't we watch a female heavy comedy like Pitch Perfect instead?

A busker at the subway today stopped in the middle of singing to say, "Hey lady, nice vest!" I laughed. The fare collector recognized me from Tim Hortons because he helped me with my coffee earlier. This city is full of kind people...mostly. I spent the day with my parents eating and watching TV. At my last weight assessment, I gained two pounds, but whatever. I saw the cute guy at the subway tonight too. He's too young, but a cute guy is a cute guy. He probably thinks I'm sixteen years old. Speaking of cute, yesterday I watched Hoodwinked. It was a fun movie. I saw Tangled this week. I read As Sweet As Honey by Indira Ganesan. It's a deep, sweet story and reminded me of Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. Now, I'm reading The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat by Oliver Sacs. Tammy, an attendant, lent the book to me. I own very few books. The library is my friend.  

Last night I had Starbucks tea with a friend and she laughed at my love of animated films. I'm convinced that friends, books, comedies and animated films are good for the soul. I'm also convinced that a busker at a subway station can make my day.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm grateful for....

* early morning coffee runs in my pajamas
* the movie Philadelphia 
* the book The Folded World 
* having an exterminator declare my home "bed bug free"
* Hannah's belly laugh
* March


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bald shadows from my past....

Mom's birthday dinner was sweet. Hopefully she enjoyed herself. We had burritos and pineapple cake. I ate WAY too much cake, crackers and chips. Ugh! 
In breaking news, Mom found a cake plate! I am so glad. It's pretty. We're giving her an iPod on Saturday.  I dropped my almond milk coming into the lobby today. This kind older man with a walker helped me pick it up. His efforts moved me. My taxi driver asked if I was going to the Observer's apartment. I quickly said no. Sometimes I am too tired to explain. Skylar also mentioned the Observer today. It was a strange comment for her to make. I said he went on a long, long trip. Everywhere I go, I have to be ready to acknowledge my past until it's not so fresh anymore.

Tonight I asked a custodian at the subway to push a button for me. He smiled at me as I said I "needed a longer arm." He was cute...I'm just saying. Goodnight. - OCG

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom.
You are 58 years old today.
Thank you Mom for everything you do.

I love you today and every day.
It's raining right now but
You are my sunshine.

I hope life is as good to you as you are to life. - OCG

Monday, March 11, 2013

Rain, Roman Holiday, Clouds & Meatballs...

It's rainy, grey and damp outside today. I have not left my home. My day has been spent talking on the phone to my Mom, reading, listening to music and eating. My parents' dog Riley is sick. She's presumed to suffer from a rare motility problem in her stomach. There's no cure, but dogs sometimes improve with medication. Poor pup. Tomorrow I'm going home. I'm going to spend a few minutes rubbing her ears.  Aside from that sad news, the day has been alright. I just saw a dude who looks like he's trying to resemble a version of Micheal Jackson from the early 1980's. From outside my window, I could see a tall, skinny guy wearing a black leather jacket, black jeans, white socks, and black shoes. The dude's going for a style, but I can't say which one.

The last book I read was called Living and Dying in Brick City: An E.R. Doctor Returns Home by Sampson Davis. The book broke my heart and gave me hope too. Right now, I'm trying to read Love stories for the rest of us. It's a collection of short stories with contributors Genie Chipps and Bill Henderson. I'm mildly amused, so we'll see if I read every short story.

Over the weekend, I watched Roman Holiday starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. As a little girl, my Grandpa copied Roman Holiday onto a VHS tape. I watched the movie, but could not remember much about the story. It's a beautiful movie about doing what we must even if it's not where our heart is. I love when Audrey Hepburn sees Gregory Peck waiting to interview her and she says, "So happy Mr. Bradley." I wished my Grandpa was sitting beside me watching Roman Holiday. He has this quick chuckle and I could imagine him laughing at the funny parts. I hope Grandpa's chuckle stays in my memory forever. 

Mom's birthday is tomorrow. We went looking for a footed crystal cake plate but had no luck yesterday. I won't give up. We watched Amazing Race and I ate a boatload of grub. My favourite food was my Mom's macaroni and cheese. I also enjoyed key lime flavoured Greek yogurt and cookies and cream ice cream. Before St. Patrick's Day comes and goes, I am going to have a shamrock shake from MacDonalds.

I fell alseep while watching Cloudy With A Chance Meatballs. Before closing my eyes, I did hear this quote from the movie: Have you ever felt like you were a little bit different? Like you had something unique to offer the world, if you could just get people to see it? Then you know exactly how it felt to be me.

That's an excellent hook. Hopefully I'll stay awake to watch the rest of the movie tonight.


Thursday, March 07, 2013

Slow Bye Bye Love....

I just read The Slow Fix by Carl Honore. It reaffirmed the notion that, when tackling anything in life, slow and study wins the race. From his book, I tweeted:  "In a complex world, the only certainty is uncertainty." True, isn't it?

I am obsessed with the song Bye Bye Love. In Loblaws yesterday, I heard a version from a female artist. It was so pretty, but since I don't know who sings it, I can't find it and post it. The above version is good.

I'm getting in the celebratory spirit. My mom's birthday is next week. On my sister's birthday, Mom's cake plate broke. It was sixty years old and belonged to her mother who died when my Mom was eleven. When it broke, Mom was sad. I offered to buy her a new cake plate for her birthday. Well, they don't make cake plates the way they used to. After searching today, I looked online and Bed, Bath and Beyond carries the classic style Mom wants. Hopefully, she'll like her new cake plate. At Winners, I bought books for Cole and Hannah and little shortbread cookies for Skylar in a cute box. Skylar loves shortbread. Shopping for my nieces and nephew makes me so happy. They are happy with the smallest gifts.

On the street today, I bumped into an old family friend. She told me that she was on her way to ethics and environmental sustainability courses. I was going to say that the courses could be summed up with saying, "Do the right thing and plant lots of trees." I kept those thoughts private. Sometimes I'm slow to respond to others. I'm learning that may not be such a bad thing.

- OCG 

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

These days...

Big news: I'm pooping! These days have been filled with books, free MacDonalds coffee, friends, music, fruit, vegetables, tea and trips to the library and St. Lawrence Market. Who's complaining? Not me.  Recently, I've read Just One Day by Gail Foreman, The Story Of Us by Leah Stewart and Girlchild" by Tupelo Hassman. Girlchild topped my list. I watched my niece and nephew lay on the floor and make "comfy beds" for each other at my parents' yesterday. They are so cute! I love those children so much. I watched The Way We Were. It reminded me of Love Story. Both are sad movies...

There's a Shamrock shake at MacDondalds that I really want to order. I love mint flavoured stuff. My arse feels big and my face looks chubby, but I'm going to order that milkshake. Life is short.

I love this: "I may not have been born captain of the boat, but I was born to rock it."- From the book "Girl child" by Tupelo Hassman

Rock with me, won't you?