Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bald shadows from my past....

Mom's birthday dinner was sweet. Hopefully she enjoyed herself. We had burritos and pineapple cake. I ate WAY too much cake, crackers and chips. Ugh! 
In breaking news, Mom found a cake plate! I am so glad. It's pretty. We're giving her an iPod on Saturday.  I dropped my almond milk coming into the lobby today. This kind older man with a walker helped me pick it up. His efforts moved me. My taxi driver asked if I was going to the Observer's apartment. I quickly said no. Sometimes I am too tired to explain. Skylar also mentioned the Observer today. It was a strange comment for her to make. I said he went on a long, long trip. Everywhere I go, I have to be ready to acknowledge my past until it's not so fresh anymore.

Tonight I asked a custodian at the subway to push a button for me. He smiled at me as I said I "needed a longer arm." He was cute...I'm just saying. Goodnight. - OCG

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