Thursday, March 07, 2013

Slow Bye Bye Love....

I just read The Slow Fix by Carl Honore. It reaffirmed the notion that, when tackling anything in life, slow and study wins the race. From his book, I tweeted:  "In a complex world, the only certainty is uncertainty." True, isn't it?

I am obsessed with the song Bye Bye Love. In Loblaws yesterday, I heard a version from a female artist. It was so pretty, but since I don't know who sings it, I can't find it and post it. The above version is good.

I'm getting in the celebratory spirit. My mom's birthday is next week. On my sister's birthday, Mom's cake plate broke. It was sixty years old and belonged to her mother who died when my Mom was eleven. When it broke, Mom was sad. I offered to buy her a new cake plate for her birthday. Well, they don't make cake plates the way they used to. After searching today, I looked online and Bed, Bath and Beyond carries the classic style Mom wants. Hopefully, she'll like her new cake plate. At Winners, I bought books for Cole and Hannah and little shortbread cookies for Skylar in a cute box. Skylar loves shortbread. Shopping for my nieces and nephew makes me so happy. They are happy with the smallest gifts.

On the street today, I bumped into an old family friend. She told me that she was on her way to ethics and environmental sustainability courses. I was going to say that the courses could be summed up with saying, "Do the right thing and plant lots of trees." I kept those thoughts private. Sometimes I'm slow to respond to others. I'm learning that may not be such a bad thing.

- OCG 

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