Tuesday, March 05, 2013

These days...

Big news: I'm pooping! These days have been filled with books, free MacDonalds coffee, friends, music, fruit, vegetables, tea and trips to the library and St. Lawrence Market. Who's complaining? Not me.  Recently, I've read Just One Day by Gail Foreman, The Story Of Us by Leah Stewart and Girlchild" by Tupelo Hassman. Girlchild topped my list. I watched my niece and nephew lay on the floor and make "comfy beds" for each other at my parents' yesterday. They are so cute! I love those children so much. I watched The Way We Were. It reminded me of Love Story. Both are sad movies...

There's a Shamrock shake at MacDondalds that I really want to order. I love mint flavoured stuff. My arse feels big and my face looks chubby, but I'm going to order that milkshake. Life is short.

I love this: "I may not have been born captain of the boat, but I was born to rock it."- From the book "Girl child" by Tupelo Hassman

Rock with me, won't you?


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