Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gone, Gone, Gone.....

If Philip Philips were older, I'd be interested in dating him. I love cute, rugged, guitar playing, dark haired, pleasant smelling men. Family friends Varie and Pat had their third baby today - a girl named Adeline Audrey Grace. I love that name! It's very feminine. Adeline joins a twelve year old sister, Amaya and nine-year-old brother, Nolan. I'm happy for their sweet family.  

Today I met my Dad at the St. Lawrence Market. He picked up ground turkey and I bought bagels for my brother Shane as a little birthday gift. Dad and I had coffee and shared a pumpernickel bagel. Our visit was spontaneous and special. The bagel was so tasty, it was soon gone, gone, gone! However, the happy memory of my visit with my awesome Dad will stay with me forever.  


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