Sunday, April 21, 2013

What a sweet life I have...

My Dad got me hooked on the song Heave Away by The Fables. The song reminds me of our trip to Prince Edward Island a few years ago. Good times!

This week I finished the book Until I Say Goodbye by Susan Spencer-Wendel. I cried. I also read Most Talkative by Adam Cohen. It was akin to a two hundred and fifty page People magazine. The content was light and addicting. If I lived in Hollywood, Adam Cohen might be my BFF. I hate the word, but in reference to Adam Cohen, it just fits. Now I'm reading Clive Davis' biography called The Soundtrack of My Life. So far so good. Last night I watched a film called Like Crazy. It was about a couple who couldn't seem to live with or without each other. If you've ever loved someone like crazy, you'll enjoy this movie. I did. I also watched Disney's The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.

Today began with a Fiber One brownie, coffee and a Cinnamon Pastry flavoured coffee after  breakfast. I ate pesto pizza and a yummy ice cream cone for lunch. My parents and I strolled to the park with my niece. She said, "Muaww" when she kissed me. Mom made halibut with fried rice and pecan pie for dessert. The whole meal was delicious. We watched The Amazing Race 22. I want the hockey players or country singers to win...

On the way back from seeing a friend last night, I realized what a sweet life I have.

- OCG  

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