Monday, May 20, 2013

The storms we navigate....

There was a crazy storm that just passed outside my window. It's raining a little now. Victoria Day weekend is almost over. My friends John and Danielle got engaged on Friday! I saw them today and they are over the moon with happiness. Danielle's ring is beautiful and suits her perfectly. Being engaged has to be the best feeling in the world. I bought Danielle two red roses and two chocolate cupcakes for her and John. Those friends make me happy.

Yesterday my family had fireworks for Cole and Skylar. They looked so cute sitting in their deck chairs with their juice and Bits And Bites. The fireworks were beautiful. I loved when both kids yelled "Kaboomba!" They are my natural mood elevators. Cole and Skylar get as excited for chocolate cake as I do.

Earlier in the week, I visited home for some help to ease my constipation. Luckily I'm okay now. Thank you Mom. When I arrived home, my brother told me that he and his wife are separating. I'm sad, but not surprised, They are selling their house and moving five minutes away from each other. Cole will alternate weekends with each parent. My brother told me this is the hardest thing he has ever gone through. Broken relationships are heart-breaking.  My brother is an alcoholic and I am recovering from an eating disorder. I wanted to tell him choosing recovery every day is the hardest thing he'll ever go through. Not wanting to push, I nodded. Last night my Dad searched my brother's car because family suspected  he was drunk. I saw nothing, but I hurt for him. I texted my brother and said, I'm sorry. It sucks when family doesn't believe you, but I'm happy you put their suspicions to rest. I love you. He texted back and thanked me and defended our family. I love my brother and hate to see him in such pain. Hopefully the storm he is navigating passes soon.


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