Friday, May 10, 2013

A person's a person....

Today was raining and grey. I went to a women's movie night. We watched Bridesmaids. That movie never gets old. It's HILARIOUS! Sometimes I was the only one laughing, but that was fine. There was a really rude and smelly girl there. Another rude girl yelled at her. Rude people attract rude people. I ran into Bernadette on the way. Bernadette is a classy, caring lady. She made my day.

The library has had lots of speakers. I've been in heaven. Sally Armstrong, the co-founder of Home-makers magazine and Edward Ruthford, a British author, made appearances. I enjoyed both. Rutherford says he "recommends marrying your cousin because at least you know what you're getting." Funny guy he is.

On Wednesday I tweeted:  I just read George Estreich's The Shape of the Eye. Very moving and real, but was the afterward necessary? I hate to be critical, but I was honest.

It's Cole's birthday at Spring-tide Farms tomorrow. My nephew is three. I'm excited for the party. I miss him.

I watched Lady And The Tramp and The Hunchback Of Notre Dam. The sequel to The Hunchback Of Notre Dame was better than the first movie. That is rare in movies. More recently, I saw Horton Hears A Who. This quote resonated with me: A person's a person, no matter how small.” (Or how badly they smell like urine.)


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