Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A look back at summer 2013....

Well, the summer of 2013 is nearing end. As a summer lover, I'm sad. I already feel a bit cold. Looking back on the summer, some highlights were:

  • Fireworks in my parents' backyard for the May 24 and July 1 long weekends
  • Buying a new couch and decorative pillow 
  • Getting caught up in the Gay Pride Parade and taking the Go Bus home
  • The big rainstorm on July 8
  • My brother Shane being hospitalized and going through detox
  • My brother Jeff getting his gallbladder out that same week
  • Buying an air mattress
  • Helping my friends through wedding planning drama
  • Finding Whole Foods in my area
  • Hanging out with Cole on Sundays
  • Buying a new red fan
  • Discovering a love for yellow zucchini, mushrooms and black bean salsa on salad 
  • My mom's "pudding cake"
  • Going to Queens Quay and being around water
  • Chocolate peanut butter Pop-Tarts
  • Having Des visit on weekend evenings
  • Keeping my fridge well stocked with a variety of pop
  • Hannah's first birthday party
  • Skylar's face when she saw her cousin Cole naked for the first time
  • The three guitar playing buskers that I love
  • White peaches and cherries
  • Tea tree oil for between my toes
  • The song Madness by Muse
  • Goodnight kisses
  • My family for being who they are
  • Bran muffins
  • Being healthy to enjoy the sunshine
  • Jeff and Katherine visiting
  • Visiting Christina in Oakville before she moved to Barrie
  • Long distance phone calls from Christina
  • Still having hope for the future 

I spent the night at my parents' house this past weekend. Skylar slept over. I loved watching her cuddle on the couch with my parents. In the morning, Skylar came to wake me up. We had pumpkin pancakes. Later we watched Toopy And Binoo. Skylar tried on her school uniform, so it could be mended. She looked so cute! Today was her first day. It's been rough. Change takes time....

I've been on a hunt for yellow zucchini today. My attempts to buy some at two stores this morning failed. Later, Loblaws was stocked. Yellow zucchini is pretty on a salad....I'm trying to soak up summer even by what I eat.

- OCG 

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