Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bed bugs...

Where do I even begin??? I have been home for the past two weeks. Bed bugs found me. Falling asleep one night, I saw one beetle like bug crawl across my pillow. I knew I had to kill that bug as proof. Let me tell YOU. That sucker didn't die easily. It took serious muscle power. The next day, he was STILL moving even while squashed inside a Kleenex. Isn't that nasty? Two days later, the exterminator found twenty in my bed. the second spraying happens in a few days. I threw out my bed, my mattress, my new love seat, my pillows and blankets. 

My brother has been in the hospital twice since I've here. His journey has drained all of us. When will his chapter end? Thankfully I won't be home long enough to find out.

I am safe and have an amazing family.  Thank you God.


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