Sunday, December 08, 2013

Dear Shane,

Tomorrow you leave for treatment. I don't know what to say. I'm relieved. At least you'll be safe. The road is long but our days are mashed together. I am sorry you hurt. I miss the old you. Remember that dude? You were so funny, sarcastic and kind. You are in there. Come back. Be healthy. You deserve a better life. My texts are unanswered. It's OK. I want you to know that I'm proud of you for trying. Whatever happens, you'll make it through. We all will. Somehow. I am sad for the life you've missed. We only get one. I don't want you to waste yours. Neither do you. A part of me is scared. I know that recovery is a slope. You may struggle for a while and that will be hard to watch. I pray you will have the strength to pull yourself up. Once you've rebounded for the first time, it will get easier.

Just hold on. The other side is much, much brighter. You have a future ahead. There is a son waiting for you, a niece or nephew to meet in the summer, a job, all of us, friends, music, golf, love, and a fresh start. Choose to live and embrace it. It's yours if you reach out. Please....  

I love you.

- OCG 

P.S. You and I often talk about new music we enjoy. Today I've been listening to the song Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend. You'd probably like it.

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