Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dear Shane,

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I'm going to miss you. Mom and Dad say you sound clear headed. I'm glad. Katie sent a picture of Cole with Santa. He is so cute! He knows you're not at work and misses you too. Don't worry Shane. He'll understand one day. Maybe he already does. I am staying in the city overnight this holiday. It'll be different for both of us. I hope you are OK. Recovery is a path and the beginning feels like a dark tunnel. Gradually, there will be light. It will sting until you grow accustomed to it. Change is hard. You know that. I am so proud of you Shane. I love you and want you to be happy. You're so special. I miss you kissing my check, and tousling my hair. I can't wait to see you. My new boyfriend, Matt is looking forward to meeting you. He's funny, sweet, and smart. You will approve. I pray you'll have a merry Christmas. Let yourself be free.

Happy holidays my brother. XOXO

- OCG 

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