Thursday, January 23, 2014

Negative Automatic Thoughts and Rational Responses

The following is a list of negative, automatic thoughts and rational responses from my eating disorder treatment. If you are struggling with disordered eating, hopefully these notes help.




If I’ve gained weight, then I need to go back to eat less. I need to lose that weight. 
Restriction leads to bingeing. I want to be normal and normal eaters don’t restrict.

I have to be thinner because it’s easier for other people.
 Normal people take care of themselves. I have to put myself first. Restriction is selfish – that’s all about me.

If I have a bad day, restriction will make me feel better. 
 Having to gain weight again is not fun. Gaining and losing weight over and over is exhausting.

This is my thing. This is what I do. 
It may be my thing, but it doesn’t make me special. It makes me sad, weird and hard to get along with.

Binge eating:

This is food I wouldn’t normally eat and I love it.
I can always restrict tomorrow. 

This cycle has to stop. I’m smart enough to know this cycle doesn’t work or make me feel good.

I deserve this. 
Actually, I deserve to be healthy and normal.

I’m not overweight, so it’s OK. I may not be overweight, but I do have an ED. This is not recovery.

This may not be good for me, but who cares. Things can be different now. They can change. I’ve thought this way before and it usually happens when I’m tired. I might feel differently tomorrow.

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