Wednesday, May 07, 2014


 I don't know what to say. Grandma is recovering. The results are weeks away. I have a good feeling. Cole turned four years old today. His birth was the best day of my far. Another baby is coming in less than a month. My Mom has the flu. Poor Mom. I feel really, really fat tonight. I miss being skinny and all of the madness. That said, I love pizza, yogurt bars and vegetables sautéed with garlic and olive oil. After three years of eating them every day, I'm tired of salads. I love Saturday night dinners. I love intimacy and nurturing. I love the smells of food coming from my kitchen. I love vegetarian pasta,  kissing and eating. I love it more than a skinny body. That makes me sad because I have to forge a new path. Maybe it's the path I was too scared to take before. I'm stronger now, but I still feel a little lost.


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