Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!

Well, hey! It's been a while. Summer has come to a close and fall is upon us. I wish I had exciting news to share.  My apartment was inspected for bed bugs yesterday. Nothing was found. The summer was fun and simple. I spent a lot of time  outside and at the market. Fruit cups were a hit. We spent lots of time at Queen Quay and Kensington Market eating hamburgers. Kensington is a hipster area. I love the free vibe. I enjoyed being near the water. Now  that it's too cold, I will miss the pier.

I wrote a narrative piece and a blog that were both selected for publication.  I am excited about both. It's been a while since I've been productive. For a long time, I was only destructive.

My family is struggling because my brother is struggling. The police were called. He shook their hands and fell back asleep. Poor Mom and Dad. Poor Shane. I've only held Emma once. I try to stay away. I feel sad about this. My Mom cries and that makes me cry. Will he ever get better? I have hope because I must. What would I do without my family? I am scared to think about this.

Last night I watched Inside Llewyn Davis. It was by far the best movie I watched this year. The music was folk style and the lead actor, Oscar Issac was really talented. The story was about the pre-Bob Marley area in Greenwich Village, Manhattan and followed a week in the life of a folk singer. Llewyn Davis was down on his luck but very committed to music. My heart goes out to any cute guy who plays guitar.

It's raining now. I used to love fall. Now I worry about what lies ahead. In spite of my anxiety, today is Dad's birthday. He isn't musical, but we love to share art. One day, I hope Dad hears this song:

 Happy Birthday Dad! I love you.