Tuesday, March 07, 2017


There's gray, wet, weather outside, which matches my gray pants and sweater. I can hear rain on the windowpane. I'm relaxing and listening to Ed Sheran and other British acoustic tunes. It's been a chill few days. My stomach is bothering me. Everything does. 

An unexpected knock took me by surprise this afternoon.   I didn't open it, though I should have, which is a clear sign I'm getting old. I am old. You wouldn't know it from the music I listen to. Age is relative, right? I'm grateful to be inside today, which is something an older person would say. They would also complain about their bowels, but probably wouldn't text their husband like I am doing today. They'd call, which I'm too cheap for. I need to go buy toilet paper. We all need toilet paper, regardless of our age.

Stay dry whenever you're reading this from.


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